Sunday, February 12, 2017

Potential Health Hazards In A Beauty Salon

When you go to a beauty salon, you want to come out feeling pampered, relaxed and looking your best. In the primitive period it was tried to beautify oneself in different home based methods. But in course of time, this duty is vested on the beauty parlour by many of us. But do we get the quality service from there? Many of us have been facing various health problems and risks due to inexperienced service provider and unhygienic environment.

The comb or brush which is used in parlour is not available in germ free packet most of the time. The previous user of the comb or brush may contain dandruff, fungal infection or louse which may infect the following users.

If the sponge used in makeup, towel and dress used in facial are not cleaned properly, there is risk of transmitting infection to your head and skin from the previous user, specially skin infection, eczema or dermatitis, acne etc.

Disappointing fact is that in the same house, we maintain non-sharing of towel, comb or brush with our family members but it is any of us who never raise any question in the parlour, whether the comb is made germ free or not, or why the hair of previous client still exists or why the used sponge of makeup is being used without cleaning with soap.

In most of the time the equipment of pedicure or manicure is not found packed with sterile plastic cover. The same equipment of pedicure or manicure is found to be used for all. If there is any fungal infection in the nails of any client then it may spread to others. Such carelessness may sometimes transmit HIV/AIDS.

It is also observed to provide services to many customers in small spaces where there is no sufficient ventilation. In the same room someone’s hair is being sprayed, someone is taking steam and some are using hair dye. As a result the possibility of allergy, asthma, respiratory tract infection increases.

A relatively new type of pedicure, called the fish pedicure, can also lead to infections. The fish pedicure consists of Garra Rufa fish, also known as doctor fish, which eat the dead skin cells off your feet. However, putting your feet and legs into a fish bowl full of dead skin and other debris, particularly if you have cuts or sores on your legs, could lead to infection.

People always say that you want what you don’t have, and this is the case for many people with curly hair. They want straight hair and they want it permanently. The way to achieve this is through a technique known as the Brazilian Blowout, which straightens the hair for a long period of time by using chemicals.

However, the straightening solution contains formaldehyde or chemicals that can break down into formaldehyde. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has issued an alert for those who work with this product and are exposed to the chemicals in it. OSHA has also cracked down on some manufacturers of the product that failed to label formaldehyde as an ingredient. Although it’s best to skip this procedure, if you decide to get it done, ask to read the ingredient label first. The same goes for any other product at the salon that you may feel leery about.

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