Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Know About DXCG

DxCG is a predictive modeling application for health plans, payers, provider groups, and employers.

DxCG Risk Analytics provides insight to identify and plan for both population and individual-level risk, which is exactly what risk-bearing groups need to control costs and assess quality and efficiency.

Whats the benefit of predictive modeling: it help you analyze utilization patterns to drive appropriate use of medical resources. Identify and target wasteful and fraudulent schemes, implement utilization management controls and assess variation in the use of generic versus brand name drugs to promote less expensive, though equally effective, therapies.

  1. Predict future costs of care for a population and track changes from month to month
  2. Inform underwriting and stop loss and reinsurance rates
  3. Develop fair and accurate risk-based provider payment systems

DxCG Risk Analytics:

DxCG Risk Analytics provides risk-bearing entities the insight to identify and plan for population and individual-level risk. Using analytic tools, clients can control costs and assess quality and efficiency across networks, markets, groups, or segments. The solution suite supports medical management, budgeting, underwriting, and performance measurement initiatives, adjusting for key underlying differences in populations.